I made my first $100 in middle school selling baseball cards and mix CDs.

In college I bought and sold Nike sneakers for fun and ran a $50k textbook business on campus.

My first job out of undergrad was raising money for athletics at my alma mater, Davidson College.

I moved to San Francisco.

I was a Business Development Manager at (backed by Redpoint, GSV). I built the supply-side of their video marketplace so people could learn better online.

I started a side project with a few partners called Handstand. We created The SF Hunt, a citywide scavenger hunt. 400 people played the first year. There was a treasure hunt in the sand.

I joined Lovely as Head of Growth for a new product, Lovely Direct. I helped make the leasing process easy for landlords and transparent for renters. I learned a lot.

I helped write a book called Finding Startup Jobs. My mom thinks I write good.

I went full-time at Handstand. We built iOS and Android apps and scaled The SF Hunt to 6 cities and 5,000 people. I kept learning. We expanded our business to corporate team-building events. We also created a live version of Mario Kart.

I moved to New York and joined Stripe. The bagels here are delicious.

I built a pandemic-inspired business called Stay Home Swag.

At my core I love building. If you think I can help with something, let's chat.